criminology festival

The world is a very different place when you look at it from the other side of the mirror. Uncomfortable and cold. You want to close your eyes and forget everyday life. Not to see, not to hear others. But eventually the time comes and you take a step into the mirror. Time to wander the labyrinth of the mirror realm in someone else’s lap. To get lost, to get tangled between truths and myths, but to return. To shell out ourselves, to deconstruct the world. And then to put it back together again.

Criminology is about that and everything else. It’s about what is, about what isn’t, about what already was or can only be and must be. It’s about people who are punished and about people who punish. About suffering and happiness, truths and doubts. A space where the boundaries of sciences and the limits of discourse are transcended. Where evil is uncovered and tenderness emerges.

From 18 to 20 August, we invite you to the third DEMISTIFY festival of criminology. It’ll take place again in Šilėnai, in the land of VILIAS LAUMIA, lost between the plains of Suvalkija and the forests of Dzūkija, with the cries of cranes and the roar of trains. A place where time stops and perhaps even begins to go back. Where our fears and angry dreams find a peaceful refuge.

We wait for you. Together we’ll dive into the abyss of criminology. And then the morning will come. Bright and warm. And everything will be good again.

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