criminology festival

Executioners and inquisition, serial killers and mass murders, gallows, guillotines, witches of Salem and the hound of Baskerville. All of it so familiar yet still so unknown. All that comes from beyond the veil of secret. From where all our fears and cruelties lie. Real and imaginary. New and eternal. 

Dare to delve in to the world of secrets and face off against your fears and ingrained stereotypes in the second criminology festival in Lithuania DEMISTIFY!

Festival will combine many forms of education and art, festivities and lessons, action and serenity, joy and sadness.

We will be waiting for you in the municipality of Kalvarija, Šilėnai village. In the land of hundred oaks, hidden in the forests of Dzūkija and the plains of Suvalkija, on the border between myth and reality. We start on Friday, August 19th.

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